Le Chene Vert

In the Southern French village of Anduze in 1610, a potter was captivated by the elegance of the Medici vase. From this, he was inspired to create the first Anduze planter.

Originally used to plant orange and lemon trees, these large glazed planters were initially displayed in Southern French aristocratic properties. Now they feature in gardens, country yards, stately properties, alongside swimming pools, in vineyards and public spaces all around the world.

Le Chêne Vert (The Green Oak) is the pre-eminent producer of the Anduze vase. A family-owned business in Anduze where all the horticultural planters, classic and more contemporary, are still handmade in their workshop. The potter, Yannick Fourbet, has built upon age-old techniques to create planters which feature a simply gorgeous array of patinas & decorative features. They are often cited as sculpture, yet in every instance they remain imminently functional.

Le Chêne Vert was selected by the Château de Versailles to outfit
the Grand Trianon with 40 vases.

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